Reboot your Resolutions

Time flies when you’re having fun! Remember those New Year’s resolutions you made? How’s that going for you?

For me so-so. Some great – like moving into my writing & coaching fulltime, some not so great – like getting fit. So I decided on a reboot, just now.

Doing a reboot of your resolutions (or intentions, or goals, whatever you want to accomplish) on a regular base is essential. A reboot gets us back on track with the effective daily actions that we need to take and it speeds up the process to reach our goals more efficiently.

So whether you experienced a slip-up or are you on track, a reboot is great to do ANYTIME. Let’s face it, we need it, we want it and we deserve it – we didn’t set those – New Year’s – intentions out of nowhere, did we?!

I just did a powerful reboot in easy 3 steps – and it goes like this:

Step one: Get the picture. Sit down with your resolutions and pick one – just one resolution. Now get your journal (or keyboard) and write out the exact results of reaching that goal. Visualize in detail – visualization is a scientifically proven recipe to support reaching our goals so visualize the exact results – in detail – as if you are already there. Yes, the exact state of your being, doing and having as if you reached your goals.

Don’t be vague – describe the precise state you are going to be in when your goal is reached. Want to get another job? Get into details – the location, the company, your new office, the salary, the co-workers, etc. details! Want to move house? Make that wish list, see yourself at the property, feel those shiny new keys in hour hand, isn’t that a great new key ring?! Details! Want to get fit like I do? Picture the exact state of your body, the weight, the fat percentage, the clothes size, the great energy you’ll have getting up every day… details! Want to write that book? See yourself completing the book, the colorful cover, feel your fingers leafing the pages, smell that freshly printed ink… details!

Whatever it is that you want, picture it – physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, your surroundings – use all your senses – write out how you look like, feel like in that great accomplishment, live and write down the energy of the whole picture – especially the emotions, the feelings created in your body when you ‘see’ yourself in your detailed picture.

Call out all your senses. The devil is in the details! Write it down – ever single detail – or if you are very visually orientated draw it, your detailed picture, or photo collage it. Use whatever means suit you to get those details down. Done? Great. Onto…

Step 2 – Relax. Take a deep breath in and out. Close your eyes and put yourself mentally in the picture of your accomplished goal – you are already there. Take a moment to really experience the scene you put down in step 1. All your senses, feel the energy of your new being. Now let the following question circle, flow into your mind “How did I get here” – yes, did because you’ve accomplished your goal and you are here in your accomplished state of being.

How did I get here”  – let the question circle, float in your mind. Take your pen and paper (or keyboard) again and note down whatever comes up with this question for you – everything – free flow writing. No reactions, no judgements, no censoring, just noting down. Take as long as you need. Finished?

Then we go on to step 3 – Action! Read through the answers you’ve noted down in step 2 – very carefully. What does this bring up in you? Surprised? Or familiar things you already knew?

Realize that these answers that you just wrote down are the answers that your subconscious came up with.

Realize that these answers are the actual steps that you need to prioritize, right now. This is what you need – this is your action to reach your goal.

Yes, this is what it takes for you to reach your desired outcomes. No doubts about it. So follow through – action!

You can do the reboot anytime, every time – it’s a great way of checking in with your resolutions, your intentions and your goals. It’s a powerful tool to keep yourself accountable while strengthening your mindset and reinforcing your daily actions turning into habits.

What came up for me this morning? Needing support to get fit and hiring a Personal Trainer to start me up again. Surprising? Hmm… a bit since I have the tendency to (think I can) do everything myself, no support needed, thank you !But I guess deep down… so I hopped on the phone and made the appointment for an intake with a PT for tomorrow evening – just now.

Yes I did, because I really need it, want it and deserve it. And you know you need it, you want it and you deserve it – your best bizz & your best life.

Let’s face it, you didn’t set those New Year’s intentions out of nowhere, did you?! So take that reboot – 3 easy steps and follow through – NOW – if you are serious about creating your best bizz & life…

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It’s what you deserve & it’s what I do best – guaranteed!

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