2 Top Tips To Overcome Impostor Syndrome

Ever felt like a fraud? That you’re not really good at what you do? That people are going to find out that you’re really incompetent? Welcome to the club of impostor syndrome! Yes, the impostor syndrome - the phenomenon where you feel that you are (more…)

Waiting For Motivation? Stop It & Realize This!

Over the last week, the topic of feeling motivated came up a lot with my fellow entrepreneurs and clients. Motivation to focus and step it up in business, motivation to make changes and follow through, motivation to let go of certain areas and outsource... (more…)

Tell Yourself Another Story & Succeed!

Are you familiar with the stories you tell yourself? Yes, yourself. We all tell stories to ourselves and to others, about ourselves and others, day in, day out. We all tell ourselves stories to make our place in the world livable. (more…)

Take Control Of Your Success. Take Time To Think

A brand new year. For us entrepreneurs that usually means renewed goals, refreshed strategy – personally & professionally as our work supports our life -  and of course business as usual going on. Never mind these original ideas popping up in our mind all the time anyway, right? Not right! (more…)

You Are Your Biggest Priority Today

As 2016 comes to close and 2017 is about to begin, we are drawn to set new goals, make new resolutions while we assess the old from the inside out.   For many of us, these last few days of the year are about reflecting on our business & on ourselves - everything that we have done (what worked/didn’t work), everything we are about to do, and everything we might do. (more…)