3 Ways To Lift Your Mood In 2 Minutes

We all have them - these days that wake up & just feel moody & mentally drained. Instead of dragging yourself out of bed & hitting up the coffee pot - which might help too, if only for a minute - here are 3 mini meditations -  or mindful moments as I call them -  that lift your mood in 2 minutes to a calm, creative & productive state, making you flow through your day with ease & joy:   Empty The Trash Waking up with a full day ahead of you? Feeling you're already obsessing over what is to come, worrying, stressing... while ...

5 Great Ways To Stay True To Yourself

It's one of the vital keys to our personal & professional growth: staying true to ourselves. It's also one of the hardest things to do as we evolve & our business takes off & grows. Did you ever notice that once your business - or part of it - program, service, product, book, you name it - takes off the way you envisioned, all sorts of peeps suddenly come crawling out of the woodwork to offer their very well meant advice you're sure to follow. Clients enthusiastically start to demand unexpected extras & add-ons you never even considered but now feel you have ...

3 Great Ways To Start Again

It’s a great week. We just celebrated the beginning of Summer with Summer sSolstice today’s a new moon day & next week it’s the 1st of July – the middle 2017. Time flies!New beginnings of seasons, half-way marks through the years – all excellent times to take stock & notch it up. Or take stock & start again.Okay, I agree, we don’t have to wait for these marks to notch it up or start again – every day is a great day to start again. Every day is a great day to learn, grow, develop & move forwards & upwards. ...

5 Night Time Routines That Make Your Day

We all heard it, we all know it – the first morning hours are the most important hours to set ourselves up for our best. Yes, 98% of the most successful people in business, sports, the arts, you name it  – contribute a large part of their ongoing success to their early rising routine. (more…)

3 Best Tips To Beat The Daily Busy

Being busy. I used to love it! Loved, loved, loved it - looking back I can honestly say I was addicted to it, addicted to the high of being busy. Because being is so easy & so rewarding! Right?! You let yourself be guided by the madness of the day, react to whatever is coming & you never have to (more…)

5 Top Tips To Get Your Business Ready For Summer

So you’ve finally decided to do yourself & your business a favor – you’re taking time off & going to reap the rewards of a holiday : rejuvenation of mind & body, finding the vital inspiration & fresh new perspectives & restoring real connections with family (more…)

Level Up In The Spirit Of Easter

The long Easter weekend offers an excellent opportunity -  to not only come together with friends & family and hunt for the chocolate eggs. It’s also a great chance to level up your life & business a little extra without actually working in your business per se. Yes, you heard me right (more…)