Be Your Own Northern Star

Do you want to spur out of procrastination and doubt and into action and alignment?

Do you want some quick solutions for whatever it is that’s holding you back ?

Well, let me tell you, you can stop looking for the next best thing to fix your life. You don’t need another set of tools, another guide because…you’ve got this. Stop hoarding tools, systems and other people’s expertise; it only confuses you!

You already got what it takes to get crystal clear on your life! What you have to do is stop, listen to yourself, polish your inner mirror and shine! Deepdown you know what’s best for yourself and what action to take. You’re just not listening to yourself!

You see, over the years I’ve done the same.  I went on hopping everywhere -studies, jobs, countries, relationships, teachers, coaches, always fixing my eye on the horizon ‘to make it stick or work for me’. It was interesting, exhilarating, at times very painful  and most of all exhausting. I used to think this whole journey was necessary to ‘become’. And maybe it was at that time – I met the most amazing people and saw the most wonderful places!

And I’m still seeking and searching, every day – with one difference… now I know where to look. Now I know that it’s only when we get still and turn inwards, that we find the clarity that is so FUNDAMENTAL in our lives  – we cut to the core of ourselves, to the heart of our matter.

It’s only in silence that all the outside noise – the expectations, expert-opinions, should and have-to of others – is reduced to zero en we can truly hear ourselves. Yes, we know exactly what we need to do to get the action going, we are just not listening!

It’s nothing new; all spiritual and philosophical traditions agree – connection to ourselves is vital and silence is golden. A constant process of repeating to get quiet, get still and listen – that is the key to clear awareness and effective action taking in each and every one of us.

And preferably at the start of our day, in the morning. Yes, an early morning routine – before you connect with anything in the outside world and in the digital word – you connect with yourself – first thing. You can read all about it on the internet – a set early morning routine into the heart or yourself, into stillness increases your creativity, focus, efficiency and thereby productivity, and even your happiness and health (even without strenuous exercise).  98% of the most successful people in business, sports, the arts, you name it – they contribute a large part of their ongoing success to their early rising and their morning routine. The benefits of taking that extra time in the morning to consciously connect to ourselves and start our day are huge.

I know you’re thinking meditation immediately – you’re thinking ‘but I’m an action taker, I can’t sit still.’ The forms to get still are endless – journaling , meditation, setting intentions, prayer, meditative reading, painting or drawing, physical movement like yoga, qui gong, walking, running, even gardening, you name it. There is no excuse; one (or more) will fit you.  But you have to show up, put your mind to it and do the work. It’s that simple.

The challenge is to make it your own, experiment with your own form to stop, look and listen to what action is needed to take. How did I come to know my own form? By trial and error, by carving and molding, shifting and shaping- and it has change over the years.

For me the biggest benefit? During the day, I easily identify what’s most important to me and almost effortlessly chose to do those things. Once you know what’s important to you, it’s easy not to spend any time anymore on the things that are not important, the distractions. You’ll become so much more focused and productive while at the same time feeling a huge amount of freedom in it. An example? Well, I honestly think that it’s because of my morning routine I got my M.Sc., Coaching Certification and Ph.D. done beside a full time job. And heading a foundation for the education of women in the Himalayas. And without overworking myself and yes, even without sacrificing my social life.

But having a morning routine isn’t all about quick efficiency and productivity. That’s just a great by-product. It’s really about taking the time every single day to keep the connection, the bond with yourself crystal clear. So you can clearly distinguish what’s you and what’s not and live your most meaningful life on your terms.

You need that cloudless, clear glance at your inner compass – to set out your course for the day, guided by your own Northern Star towards your most meaningful life. Consciously, every day again.

That’s what an early morning practice is doing – taking the time to purposely bridge the awareness of where we are and take the action to where we want to head to that day – guided by ourselves.

And that’s why you should have a morning practice… to set out with the most chance to reach your chosen destination and be your best that day.

A morning practice is vital. So if you’ve finally come to your senses and are tired of being confused by the outside noise, by the shoulds and the have-to, tired of treating symptoms, then rip off that band-aid and get to the real work.

Shape your morning, shape your life; connect with your inner guide and act upon it.

And you don’t need to make it your life’s work. Fifteen minutes a day, that’s all it takes. Fifteen minutes a day; it makes your world of difference to finally let yourself be heard.

Make the early morning work for you – get my 3 Super Simple Steps to Your Early Morning Success Routine – Complete workbook &  Personal 1:1 Kick-start Session for  FREE right now.

And finally be your own Northern Star…

It’s what you deserve, after all!

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