4 Top Tips To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone Into Lasting Results

Whenever clients come to me, they want a change.

Change in their business, change in themselves.

And to get a lasting, a sustainable change with great results, they always, always need to step out of their comfort zone.

I love supporting my clients to step out of their comfort zone & reach those awesome results.

And I’m good at it.

Why? Because for over 2 decades now I’m professionally trained & personally experienced in supporting my clients stepping out of their comfort zone & into lasting results.

And I’m making sure I’m getting out of my comfort zone on a regular basis myself. Consciously.

Now I don’t force myself out of my comfort zone regularly because I like it. I step out of my comfort zone consciously because it’s vital for me to develop myself professionally & personally. Just a few weeks ago I announced I would turn my hand to fiction writing, & I announced it publicly. That’s way out of my comfort zone. And I sway between that ‘ excited to do this’  feeling & that ‘ OMG what did I do now, let’s run’  emotion.

And I know that’s okay. I know that’s okay because I know our comfort zone is our natural state, that comfortable feeling we usually lean into. Leaving our comfort zone means taking risks, and this usually produces some form of anxiety in us. The anxiety can have that positive ‘ excited let’s go’ feeling or that negative ‘ let’s run & hide’  emotion.

And sometimes we can even experience that positive ‘excited’  feeling  & that negative ‘ let’s run’  feeling at the same time – I do!

Now it’s great to get that excited feeling, but let’s face it, the ‘ OMG let’s run & hide’  feeling isn’t really awesome… so why do this to ourselves? Why get out of our comfort zone & run risks on a regular basis?

Because of the incredible benefits! Yes, the benefits of extending our comfort zone every are huge. And for me – & most other creatives & entrepreneurs – it’s a prerequisite for running a successful business. When you extend your comfort zone:

You’ll  increase your productivity. Yes, being comfortable is the silent murderer of your productivity. Think handling deadlines & expectations in your comfort zone… exactly, there’s no push, no drive, no ambition to go that bit further, to push yourself that bit harder when you’re in your comfort zone. Is this bringing you or your business forward? No. Getting out of your comfort zone does, it requires you to find ways to get new things done on time, pushing you to work smarter.

You’ll boost your creativity. Broadening your horizon, learning new skills & educating yourself on novel things will help you to see your own situation in a new light, spot more opportunities with ease & solve problems in an original way.

You’ll be able to deal so much better with change & uncertainty. Getting outside your comfort zone more often is a great preparation on how to deal with the forces of life that are not under your control. You’re  better equipped to deal with the uncertainty & inevitable changes in life & business since you’re already used to being out there by choice more often.

Stepping out of our comfort zone gives huge benefits. Stepping out of our comfort zone means getting those durable, those sustainable results we’re after. So how to expand yourself more often & reap those rewards without freaking out? Here are my 4 top tips

Acknowledge the uncertainty & identify your fears. Step back & observe the new situation & your feelings about this situation. No use hiding or denying what’s going on inside of you. It’s okay to get scared in a new situation. It’s okay to want to run & hide, just as it is okay to get excited. Acknowledge your feelings & be mindful. Observe your emotions coming & going as the situation unfolds but don’t let them stop you in your tracks.  Recognize that you are not your feelings & that your feelings are as fleeting as the situation – all is perfect as it is & you are moving through your fears & moving out of your comfort zone. Just keep going!

Start small, every single day. Start stepping out of your comfort zone by diverting from your everyday routine a little every single day. For instance, take a different route to work or to the gym. Go see a movie without reading the reviews first. Try something new for breakfast. No matter how small, make a change in the way you do things on a day-to-day basis & observe. No need to plan a sudden sky-dive or radically change your course of living. Start with a small change on a daily basis & see what this brings to you & to your situation. It might surprise you!

Slow down.  Often slowing down is all we need to step out of our comfort zone. Especially if you’re used to the fast pace in everything you do – slow down. Sit, breathe, observe. Take your time to assess the situation & to analyze what you see. Take you time to think, to inform yourself & to make a conscious decision. Slowing down & consciously acting instead of reacting pushes most us out of our comfort zone – let’s face it – when do you take the time to slow down? It’s a great way of expanding your comfort zone! (by the way this is called mindfulness 😉  )

Trust yourself & act in the moment. Yes, this is contradicting the previous point but it might just be what you need. You’ve been around long enough to know what it feels like to be out there.  Life has thrown you some pretty & not so pretty curve-balls. And you managed just fine. So go on, trust yourself & act on your decision to step out right now. Take that leap – you’ll land on your feet just fine. Sometimes acting on a whim is just what you need to get thing moving. Yes, most of the time you like to weigh the options but acting in the moment can help you kickstart that project, that passion, that desire & will help you to trust yourself & your intuition (again). There’s a reason you feel like stepping out. There’s a reason you feel like leaping. Trust yourself – even cats land on their tiny feet – so why would you? 😉

Get out there, extend yourself & your world. Get more productive, inventive, flexible & adaptable – get those durable, those lasting results that you’re after. Apply my 4 top tips to support you in finally stepping out in the right direction (again) & you’re on your way, becoming your best & creating your best – guaranteed.

I would love to hear from you how these tips help you create lasting results in your business & your life. And please do share your tips on getting out of your comfort zone – after all, we’re all on this journey together!

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