I’m Elles Lohuis, Global Business Consultant & Coach

I help YOU to scale up your business to the next level – more profit, impact & true fulfillment on ALL levels!


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My philosophy

Have nothing in your business that you not know to be profitable, or believe to be meaningful. (adapted from W. Morris)

My strategy

Simplify Your Business To Succeed

  • Decide – make conscious choices about where you want your business to be, what is essential & what is an accessory – to have the business you want
  • Delete – remove what’s not serving you or your business anymore – to make more profit
  • Simplify – streamline your processes (automate & delegate) – to have more freedom & more time
  • Succeed – execute in your zone of genius with focus & flow – to have more impact, reaching your next level in business – with true fulfillment on all levels


And then?

Your next level will be your new normal, fitting you &  your business like a glove.

How to make this work for your business:

You & me together – designing & executing hands-on business model &  strategy to scale up your business & – of course! – a personal daily routine to make you excel.

I support you in whatever it takes. You level up your business – faster & bolder
So come on over & see how we can do this for you.


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